I Like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie: The Lo & Sons OMG Bag

Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker

Being that I live in a big city and don’t have a car, I have a tendency to carry a lot of stuff with me. Trekking home in between work and other activities is not always possible or realistic and I tend to walk quite a bit. On a typical day, I have, at the very least, my wallet, kindle, notebook and my camera (because you never know when you’ll need it). Sometimes I’ll throw my laptop into the mix, or clothes for the gym. That said, I wanted a bag that could hold everything I need it to, without letting my back feel the load.
Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture TakerI tried carrying multiple bags at one point, but when you’re smashed in between other commuters on the el, the last thing you want is to be slinging various straps over your shoulders while trying to hold on for dear life.

Enter the Lo & Sons OMG (Overnight Medium Gym) Bag!
Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker

What I Love About This Bag

//It Keeps Me Organized | The number of little pockets in this thing is almost ridiculous, and it’s made it all the easier for me to keep myself organized (great for an OCD gal like me). No more digging through an endless abyss in search of my wallet or keys (which I’m sure people in line behind me appreciate). Every fold, notebook and pen has it’s place. Another huge plus, especially in a big city like Chicago, is that every pocket has a zipper, which means no one is going to be reaching their hand into my open bag on a packed el car (it’s happened).

Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker
Lots of little pockets and details making staying organized so easy.
Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker
No more digging for my keys!

//It Holds A Lot of Stuff…Without Feeling Like It | My previous go-to bag was a big, leather cross body bag with dimensions that were actually similar to the OMG. Despite the fact that it couldn’t hold nearly the number of items it felt like it weighed twice as much. I’m someone who does a lot of walking (at least 2.5  miles a day just on my commute), so it’s nice to finally have a bag that isn’t weighing me down and leaving me crying for a chiropractor at the end of each day.

Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker
Everything I can fit, with room to spare!

Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker

//The Quality is Amazing | Lo & Sons really pays attention to the little details. The zips and embellishments are high quality and, though I was hesitant about the nylon material at first, I actually love it. It’s extremely durable (already standing up to two Chicago winter rainstorms), more lightweight than leather, and comes in some beautiful colors.

Review: Lo & Sons OMG Bag//List Maker Picture Taker
This little pouch is accessible via side zipper and is a perfect place to slip an extra pair of flats or, from my experience, an umbrella you don’t want dripping on the rest of your stuff.

//The cons
There honestly isn’t a whole lot for me to complain about when it comes to this bag. One thing that is a bit irritating is that the front pocket can tough to open/access when the main compartment is full. So find and getting my wallet out is easy enough, but getting it back in can be tricky.

Beyond that, the most notable downfall with the OMG is the price point. In fact, I spent about six months eyeing the website, indecisively talking myself out biting the bullet. So when Lo & Sons had a very generous winter sale (50% off!) I jumped at the chance, telling myself that if I didn’t absolutely love the bag, I would return it. Well, we’re about a month in and I think it’s safe to say that this bag is definitely a keeper. And given that the last nice bag I purchased I used every day for five years until I literally wore it out, I’m considering this bag a solid investment.

Have you tried the OMG or any of Lo & Sons other awesome bags? (I’m definitely curious about the Claremont camera bag – so pretty). Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


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