Friday Links & Loves | Vol 15 (on Saturday)

Friday Links & Loves//List Maker Picture TakerSo I realize that it’s Saturday, and I’m a day late with my Friday link roundup. Between work stuff and worrying about the pug, this week definitely got away from me. I also started a web design class via Skillcrush, so it’s been an added challenge of navigating where best to fit that on my somewhat crowded plate.
If you haven’t heard of Skillcrush, they are an awesome online learning platform with a range of web development and design classes. What I especially love about this company is that, while they are by no means exclusively marketed toward women, they are very female-friendly. The founder is a woman who taught herself how to code after being laid off from her job in 2008, and the majority of the staff are women as well. And I am certainly all for women breaking down the stereotype that we don’t belong or can’t succeed in tech!

Here are a few things I came across this week that I found interesting/funny/inspiring. Have a great weekend!

//A Feminist’s Guide to Critiquing Hilary.

//What romance means after ten years of marriage.

//So excited to check out this awesome Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute!

//Making an experimental Jazz album when you don’t like Jazz. Or know how to play the piano.

//A Golden Girls Gospel remix (you know you need this in your life).

//Chicagoan’s don’t like to sit near other people on the train (did we need a poll for this?).

//This butterfly flip book installation is mesmerizing.

//I love reading stories about women following their passions to start their own businesses. #someday

//Remember your friend’s sad anniversaries as well.

What did you find on the web this week? Feel free to share below! 


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