January Blues: How to Survive Winter in Chicago

Chicago Cloud Gate //January Blues: How To Survive Winter in Chicago // List Maker Picture TakerChicago is an easy city to fall in love with. Chicago is an easy city to fall in love with when it’s warm outside. Infamously cold and blustery winters make most people, myself included, want to flee to warmer climates and never look back – and I say that as a Vermonter.  Continue reading


Chicago Bucket List 2016

Chicago Bucket List//List Maker Picture Taker

This past fall marked ten years living in Chicago. I moved here for college, right out of high school, thinking I’d stay for four years before moving on. But something about the city just got its hooks in me, and while it can be downright frustrating at times, I still love it. I love the neighborhoods, the museums, the art, the history… Continue reading

Chicago Day Trip: What to See & Do In Downtown Oak Park

Frank Lloyd Wright Oak Park, IL // List Maker Picture Taker

This little suburb, which lies just outside Chicago’s western border, is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the city. It’s easy enough to get to via driving or the CTA (take the green line to the end) and, despite its close proximity to Chicago, a day spent in Oak Park browsing the little shops and admiring the beautiful, old Victorian homes can feel like a mini getaway. The pace is slower, and the downtown district has a distinctly small town charm while still offering plenty to see and do.  Continue reading

Christmas In Chicago: Eight of the Best Ways To Celebrate the Season

Marshall Field Chicago

This is the post where I bring together two of my favorite things: my adopted home of Chicago, and Christmas! Together, with festive traditions, beautiful lights and entertaining shows, look at all this amazingness they make!

Christkindlemarket in Daley Plaza
This annual outdoor market, which takes its name from the one in Nuremberg, Germany, has been getting Chicagoans into the Christmas spirit for nearly twenty years. Bring your appetite, because there are tons of traditional German treats at this market, including lots to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Looking for some unique holiday gifts? The Christkindlemarket is definitely the place to visit! Each of the little shops offers something different, from hand-painted ornaments and nutcrackers, to candied nuts and knit scarves. I recently posted about our outing on the blog, so for more info and lots of pretty photos, click hereContinue reading

Chicago Holiday Shopping at Late Night Andersonville

andersonville chicago swedish flag watertower

Andersonville has long been one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. With its many independently owned shops and restaurants, this historically Swedish enclave in Edgewater has something of a small town feel to it and local charm in spades!
andersonville chicagoThis past Friday the hubby and I headed to the area for Late Night Andersonville, an annual neighborhood event where shops, cafes and bakeries stay open an additional four hours for holiday festivities. Some stores have little treats laid out, or hot chocolate, while others have live music and Christmas carols. It’s like a more fun version of a pub crawl where you hop from store to store, enjoying special holiday deals while getting to support local business owners.

Here are a few of my favorite spots to find that perfect something for everyone on your Christmas list:
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