Chicago Day Trip: What to See & Do In Downtown Oak Park

Frank Lloyd Wright Oak Park, IL // List Maker Picture Taker

This little suburb, which lies just outside Chicago’s¬†western border, is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the city. It’s easy enough to get to via driving or the CTA (take the green line to the end) and, despite its close proximity to Chicago, a day spent in Oak Park browsing the little shops and admiring the beautiful, old Victorian homes can feel like a mini getaway. The pace is slower, and the downtown district has a distinctly small town charm while still offering plenty to see and do.¬† Continue reading


Lazy Sunday at the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club (and a Chicago cemetery tour)

bryn mawr breakfast club brunch

The husband hasn’t been feeling so great the past few days (head cold), so we’ve been keeping things pretty close to home. This morning we were both feeling a tad shut in and decided to get out for breakfast. We’ve driven past the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club dozens of times, and keep meaning to stop in and try it, so today seemed like as good a day as any to make good on those intentions. Continue reading