January Blues: How to Survive Winter in Chicago

Chicago Cloud Gate //January Blues: How To Survive Winter in Chicago // List Maker Picture TakerChicago is an easy city to fall in love with.¬†Chicago is an easy city to fall in love with when it’s warm outside. Infamously cold and blustery winters make most people, myself included, want to flee to warmer climates and never look back – and I say that as a Vermonter.¬† Continue reading


Christmas Loot: What Santa Brought Me This Year

What a wonderful Christmas it’s been! In the gifts department, I was completely spoiled on all fronts. A few of my favorite things from under the tree:

What Santa Brought Me//List Maker Picture Taker
1. Paris Ornament from Paper Source // 2.David’s Tea Gold Dipped Nordic Mug // 3.Hoosier Mama Book of Pie cookbook // 4. David’s Tea of the Month Collection // 5. Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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