Top Ten Favorite Paris Moments

For our first anniversary, and as a sort of late honeymoon, the hubby and I decided to take a trip to Paris. Here are a few of our favorite moments, in no particular order. Enjoy!

Exploring Pere Lachaise Cemetery
I’ve always had an affinity for cemeteries, even as a child. My mother and I used to explore the ones near our home in Vermont and I’ve spent numerous hours wandering through the many in Chicago. That said, Pere Lachaise was high on my list of places to visit in Paris and I can safely say that it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever seen. You can easily get lost for hours along the cobblestone paths and rows of ornately designed mausoleums. Thankfully, there are maps throughout to help guide you along your way, including in the hunt for some of the cemeteries more famous residents. We missed Jim Morrison’s (of The Doors) grave, however we were able to track down songbird Edith Piaf and the infamous Oscar Wilde.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lechaise Cemetery

Relaxing on Canal St. Martin
We came here on our first full day in Paris. Still a bit bleary from jet lag, we weren’t quite ready to brave the Paris crowds just yet and we were looking to enjoy a slower pace for the evening. For that, St. Martin was perfect. Dozens of Parisians congregate here, in groups and alone, just to sit and enjoy the canal. We stopped in a nearby shop and got some waters and a few snacks before claiming a little spot of our own near one of the footbridges. Continue reading