That Time We Won A Free Bike Tour of Versailles!

I am a planner by nature. I research, make lists, weigh all my options and map out strategies. This is the case with most areas in my life, both at work and at home. And so when we decided to go on a trip to Paris for our late honeymoon/1st anniversary, I made it my mission to hunt down all the information I could get my hands on. I quickly found that travel blogs were a favorite source of travel tips and tricks, because bloggers are usually great at finding the unexpected – things that are a bit off the beaten path or that you wouldn’t normally see in your typical travel guide .

This is how I came across Lost in Cheeseland – an engaging blog by an American expat living in the city of lights and writing about her many adventures (and so much delicious food). If you are a Francophile, or are just in need of a nice escape, I definitely recommend subscribing.

A few months ago, Lost in Cheeseland was partnering with Fat Tire Bike Tours for a giveaway: a free tour for two of Versailles. In truth, Eric and I were still somewhat on the fence about if we even wanted to visit this infamous Paris suburb (and former home to French royalty), but since our trip was right around the corner, and signing up was so easy, I figured it would be silly not to at least throw my hat in the ring. To be clear, I did not think for one second that I’d have a chance of winning (I mean, who wins these things?). Continue reading