Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 3


Last week was about a month long, and I plan on taking today to catch up on some much needed sleep. Here are a few things I came across this week I wanted to share. Hopefully they’ll fill your week with some inspiration and levity. Enjoy!

Life advice from 10 smart humans. 

Shakespeare & Co. provided save haven for Parisians during the attacks.

What I’m reading (and loving) right now.

These Detroit women who banded together ROCK!

Barber goes the extra mile to help this boy with Autism conquer his fear of haircuts.

Chicagoans who love vintage and Christmas: head to Vintage Garage today! 

Single moms are incredible.

History buff? I’ve been listening to this podcast obsessively on my commute. Also, check out these historically accurate depictions of Disney princesses.

Listening to: Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox puts a vintage twist on modern music.

I want to live here.

Another reason to love Adele.

#stopitdad on Jimmy Fallon. I wish I had some of these

And finally, Stephen Colbert puts the “Christ” back in Christmas.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 3

  1. I love that you are reading Mindy’s new book. I listened to her first book driving back from Chicago and loved it. I have also been listening to history based podcasts and have fallen for “Backstory”. I really thought your “I want to live here” link would be of Vermont…I was so disappointed. You do realize that fella of yours will not live on a bus, or any tiny house for that matter. Your sister however would love to. Roomie?


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