Christmas Movies That Aren’t Really Christmas Movies

Because they deserve a post all their own, here is a list of movies that aren’t really Christmas flicks, but thanks to a three-minute scene where the cast sings ‘O Holy Night’ and decorates a Christmas tree or something, I can justify binge watching for the month of December.

When Harry Met Sally
There’s a total of about two holiday scenes in this entire movie, but somehow they are just enough to make me want to snuggle in a watch it on repeat every Christmas season.

Christmas Movies
And thank you, Meg Ryan, for making it okay for the rest of us to ugly cry.
meg ryan

While You Were Sleeping

I loved this movie when I was little, mostly because of my huge, Independence Day related crush on Bill Pullman (#judgementFreeZone). Now that I live in Chicago, I love watching my adopted city depicted on any big screen (especially at the holidays).
while you were sleeping

Die Hard

“Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.” I feel like that says it all.

Batman Returns
There is tons of festive, holiday fun in this dark, Tim Burton classic, including an ice princess, and an unforgettable tree lighting ceremony in Gotham city. Also (it has to be said) the Penguin may be the unluckiest Christmas baby of all time. It’s hard enough being born at the holidays, but when your parents throw you off a bridge. . .well, that’s rough.
batman returns

You’ve Got Mail

Apparently Meg Ryan embodies just enough of that holiday spirit to push any romantic comedy into the realm of Christmas magic. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ opens in the fall, and ends in the summer, but there is that key five-minute period in winter where a sad Meg Ryan puts up twinkle lights and decorates a Christmas tree while listening to Joni Mitchell.
you've got mail


Your Furby fears were completely justified. But seriously, how much did you want one of these little guys after seeing this movie?



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