Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 10

Rupert the Pug//Sunday Loves & Links//List Maker Picture TakerExcited About!
//Feminist allies in the comic book world can be a rare thing, but it’s great to see them nonetheless.
//Paris is going car free once a month. I would love to see more big cities do this!

//The lonely death of George Bell.
//The interesting thing we all do during conversations.
//If you’ve been glued to Netflix watching the story of Steven Avery unfold in Making A Murderer, then you might be interested in this Chicago case of the Lipstick Murders.
//Downloading this book to my kindle immediately.

Inspired By Bloggers Taking On A New Year! 
//The power of a single word.
//Being body-positive in 2016.
//Not new – different.

Nerding Out To 
//22 more reasons to love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
//What if Seinfeld were Serial?
//There’s a new teaser trailer for Daredevil, Season 2.

Laughing At
//If “Netflix and chill” were honest.
// Conan, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube share their wisdom with a student driver.



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