Links & Loves | Vol. 11

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Your pug of the week. Eric Jimenez (and Lola) did this awesome tribute to David Bowie.

How was your weekend? Ours was relatively uneventful, which was just what we both needed. December was so full of work and holiday craziness, I feel like we’re actually still recovering a bit. We did go see The Big Short – so simultaneously funny and enraging. Go see and tell me what you think!

Here are a few things I found inspiring/interesting/funny this week. Hope you enjoy!

//A small, but important, step in the right direction for these beautiful animals.

//Adele might be one of the most adorable creatures in the world.  Need proof? Watch this. (PS. I may need to adopt a British accent.)

//This couple is really in the whole pregnancy thing together. (I loved this story!)

//5 Myths about Martin Luther King Jr.

//Guillermo del Toro is turning your childhood nightmares into a big screen reality. Let’s see if my curiosity wins out over my better sense.

//How the Oscar nominees for Best Picture measure up in the Bechdel Test? And, for further review, this Bechdel Test simulator predicts who is likely to make sexist movies.

//What makes a photographer when everyone is taking pictures?

//Check out this awesome photographer.

//Still super sad about the passing of Alan Rickman? Me too. You may cry when you read some of these lovely tributes from his Harry Potter family.

//Adulting or “...imagining a world where providing for yourself and your family doesn’t cost your soul.”

//What do you think about the right to die?

Happy Sunday!!



6 thoughts on “Links & Loves | Vol. 11

  1. “//What do you think about the right to die?

    Happy Sunday!!”

    I wonder about reordering your lists? Hehehe. Thank you for your posts. They give me a lot to think about, a lot to laugh about, and a good hour of distraction from my school work. Umm…Adele is too funny!

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