Friday Links & Loves | Vol. 13

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Wicker Park Art

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. I’m in the midst of a number of projects right now which, while exhausting, is also incredibly exciting. I love the challenge of being able to cultivate and hone new skills, and I’ve had quite a few opportunities to do so as of late. The nature of working for a non-profit is that you often have to (get to?) wear many different hats and it’s always pleasantly surprising when a new one fits better than expected.

On the home front, our poor little Rupert has been sick lately and we had no idea what was wrong. After over a week of not knowing, the vet was finally able to tell us that he has coccidiosis, which is a fairly common, but very unfun, intestinal parasite. The good news is that the prognosis is very good and, with medicine, he’s already back to himself. The bad news? It’s very contagious. So we’ll be keeping an extra close eye on little Lola and no dog park for at least another few weeks. Bummer. On the upside, Eric and I are very much looking forward to a day in Milwaukee this weekend to see Patton Oswalt! Post to follow 🙂

Without further adieu, here are a few things I came across this week that I found interesting/funny/inspiring. Enjoy!

//Kind of in love with this kitchen.

//Disney movies don’t give much of a voice to little girls.

//Binge watching: The Great British Baking Show. So delightfully British! I think I’m ruined for American cooking shows.

//Neil DeGrasse Tyson being Awesome. Again.

//The Museum of Contemporary Photography in the age of Instagram.

//Grease is the Word – as in the movie. Betchya didn’t know it was inspired by real Northwest Chicago gangs. Interesting story!

//How a university enabled a city’s segregation.

//I just finished reading (devoured in one sitting) Scott Snyder’s Wytches. Loved it!

//We could all probably practice some self kindness.

//If this ever happened on a flight of mine, I would have to just leave the plane. Hell no.

//Barbie is finally getting with the program.

//Your pug of the day.

//Mind over matter: maybe if we build it (the perfect picnic, that is) spring will come!

Have a lovely weekend! 


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