Friday Links & Loves | Vol. 14

Pug Snuggles//Friday Links & Loves//List Maker Picture TakerJanuary of 2016 was off to a shaky start, not being nearly as productive as I’d hoped it would be. So needless to say I had lofty ambitions for the first week of February. My ‘to do’ list was prepped and ready, plans with friends I’d been neglecting were in place, blog ideas were numerous, and I was looking forward to plowing ahead and getting things done! Then life happened. Rupert the pug got sick (because he ate things he wasn’t supposed to eat) and the next thing I know I’m working from home and are barely leaving the house because I have to keep the drugged up, post-op pug from jumping off the couch. And just when I thought I could get back to the office today? The tinier pug goes and barfs on our bed. And then on the floor. And then the bath mat.

I feel like the last week of my life has been covered in pug hair and barf. Literally.  But then i look at them, snuggled together on their new, hopefully chew-proof dog bed, and I remember that they’re worth it. For all the unconditional love every time we walk in the door, and for the hours of laughs at the stupid things they do, I’ll pay my dues every now and then.

On that note, here are a few things the pugs and I came across in our week of isolation. Enjoy!

//I hope this new show Animals is as hilarious and awesome as it looks.

//Why it’s okay to travel alone as a woman, despite what society tells you.

//A Chorus of Crickets slowed down to sound like people singing. (This is so cool).

//4 Things To Avoid So You Can Wake Up Happy (I’m definitely guilty of 3 out of 4).

//Alternative Names for Resting Bitch Face. (Will You Be Talking For Much Longer Face)

//So excited to see Samantha Bee on Late Night!

//A Big Hearted Man and His Calling To Build Homes for the Homeless.

//Are you right brained or left brained? (I’m almost an even split!)

//The 10 Best Cities in Europe On A Budget. (Where will we go next?!)

//At the end of the day, you’ll have more regrets over what you didn’t do than what you did.

//Minorities in Film: The DuVernay Test.

//All the wonderful things you can get done while everyone else is watching the super bowl.


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