An Anniversary

a0000391ASometimes it seems as if I can draw all the lines of my life up to the day my father died – February 9, 1997. I spent most of my childhood watching it grow larger and larger on the horizon, and the years afterward looking back, waiting for it to disappear. It doesn’t. Whether it’s been two years or nineteen, loss stays with you.
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Milwaukee Day Trip

Milwaukee Public Market//Day Trip Milwaukee//List Maker Picture TakerLast weekend, the hubby and I ventured north for a day in Milwaukee. Being the awesome wife that I am, I bought him tickets to see Patton Oswalt at the Riverside Theater for Christmas because he loves stand up comedy and we both like any excuse to get to Milwaukee. It’s a fun, easily digestible city with lots to see and do. Milwaukee’s infamous blue-collar roots are still there, but they Continue reading

Friday Links & Loves | Vol. 14

Pug Snuggles//Friday Links & Loves//List Maker Picture TakerJanuary of 2016 was off to a shaky start, not being nearly as productive as I’d hoped it would be. So needless to say I had lofty ambitions for the first week of February. My ‘to do’ list was prepped and ready, plans with friends I’d been neglecting were in place, blog ideas were numerous, and I was looking forward to plowing ahead and getting things done! Then life happened. Rupert the pug got sick (because he ate things he wasn’t supposed to eat) and the next thing I know Continue reading

The Many Trials of Rupert Giles – A Very Close Call For A Very Mischievous Little Pug

Rupert the Pug//Pug Life//List Maker Picture TakerThe past couple of weeks have been very tough on our little Rupert. Last week he’d been diagnosed with a parasite, which in and of itself was scary, but at least it was treatable. The poor guy was sick as could be and pretty unimpressed with us for replacing his yummy usual food with a crappy bland diet of boiled chicken and rice. We let the medication do it’s work to fight off what was ailing him and almost immediately he seemed to be on the mend. The vet gave us the OK to start switching him back to his usual food and he was a thrilled little puppy!  Continue reading