Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 4

Your pug of the day.
Your pug of the day.

This weekend we had the first real (albeit slushy) snow of the season. I celebrated by staying inside, cooking and bingeing on Netflix. I also got to catch up with my sister on Facetime and watch my adorable nephew be his awesome little self. After the week at work I had, I really needed the time to just shut my brain off and recharge my batteries.

To get ready for the week to come,  here are a few things I came across I wanted to share. Hopefully they’ll fill your days with some inspiration and levity. Enjoy!

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In case you didn’t know, Jessica Jones is FINALLY on Netflix and! (Doctor Who fans, you will never look at David Tennant the same way again).

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Sunday Links & Love | Vol. 1

fall pumpkin

Sundays have always been my favorite day. I cram all my cleaning and work for the weekend into Saturday so that I can enjoy the quiet of a stress free, lovely Sunday. It’s my day to spend with my family, or to catch up with friends. To go out and explore something new, try a new recipe, or even just stay in bed all day with the pugs and a really good book.

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