Sunday Links & Love | Vol. 1

fall pumpkin

Sundays have always been my favorite day. I cram all my cleaning and work for the weekend into Saturday so that I can enjoy the quiet of a stress free, lovely Sunday. It’s my day to spend with my family, or to catch up with friends. To go out and explore something new, try a new recipe, or even just stay in bed all day with the pugs and a really good book.

So, I figured, what better day to share with anyone who might be reading other things I love? A funny article. An interesting blog. A beautiful photo of somewhere I’ve been or want to go. Here are a few things to hopefully fill your work (and mine) with some inspiration. Enjoy!

Halloween Things: Need help figuring out what to do with your Halloween loot? A handy guide to candy trading. (hilarious!) And, finally, recognition for true creative genius. And finally, Halloween may have come to a close, but I could keep watching Doug the Pug all year long!

I just pre-ordered Adele’s new album! Listen to the single here. If only I lived in NY so I could see this show.

Looking for the perfect dog breed but not sure which one is for you? Look no further. And then check out these awesome, custom stuffed animals, made to look like your furry friend!

Check out this awesome water touch screen!

These photos are so cool!

There’s something about hot apple cider that is so quintessentially fall, and this version is no exception

I could browse on Etsy for hours, and this shop is especially stunning.

With all the negativity in the news these days related to police enforcement, it’s nice to see stories like this

And finally, as if we need any more reasons to love Sesame Street, they just introduced an amazing new character! .


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