Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 2

Your pug pic for the day. Look at that face!

Here are a few things I came across this week I wanted to share. Hopefully they’ll fill your week with some inspiration and levity. Enjoy!

Check out these awesome Marvel variants from artist Michael Cho. (I want that Thor print!)

If you aren’t following @paulryangosling on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong.

This weekly webcomic is absolutely adorable and wonderfully relatable.

If you’ve missed Jon Stewart as much as I have, take a look at this! 

Have you seen the trailer yet for Spike Lee’s new documentary, Chiraq? Looks intense.

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Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin bread
It was a hard week at work and I didn’t sleep particularly soundly last night. I am in the midst of planning a fundraising event and that, coupled with adjusting to the end of daylight savings and losing that last bit of much-needed sunlight on my commute home, has been wreaking havoc with my sleep. Waking up at an unreasonably early hour for a Saturday morning, I decided to busy my mind with something constructive (and yummy) and put my nervous energy to good use. Continue reading

Halloween Birthday Pug!

Happy birthday to this little nugget!


Lola turned two on Halloween (an appropriate birthday for a pug who sounds like the living dead when she barks). The plan had been to take the pups to the dog park to show off the costumes we forced them to endure, but the weather did not cooperate. It poured all day and, prissy as they are, both Lola and Ru refused to leave the house for more than a few Continue reading

Fall In Chicago

Is there anytime better than fall in Chicago? The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and out come the comfy sweaters. Even the food tastes better this time of year! (Though, I will say, as much as I can appreciate the gusto with which America has embraced the big, orange squash, give me apple cinnamon over pumpkin spice any day.)

Today was one of those perfect fall days. I worked from home, which of course means a mix of actual working, playing with the pugs, and catching up on laundry. Nothing like an empty hamper and crisp sheets, absent of dog hair, to make you feel extra productive.

It was overcast, and just chilly enough for a jacket and my favorite scarf. I was actually thankful for the grey sky because nothing makes the autumn colors on the trees pop more. See what I mean…

I’d scheduled a work meeting at a nearby coffee shop, and I was excited for the chance to go out and explore some more of my neighborhood. My husband and I just moved to the Portage Park area from the north east side of the city. This was a big move for me after living nearly all of my ten years in the same three mile radius. All of the sudden, my whole life moved from the Red Line to the Blue. Anyone who’s lived in Chicago knows that is no small deal, as the east/west public transit in this city isn’t exactly up to snuff. Continue reading