Halloween Birthday Pug!

Happy birthday to this little nugget!


Lola turned two on Halloween (an appropriate birthday for a pug who sounds like the living dead when she barks). The plan had been to take the pups to the dog park to show off the costumes we forced them to endure, but the weather did not cooperate. It poured all day and, prissy as they are, both Lola and Ru refused to leave the house for more than a few minutes . So we had a lazy day indoors, carving pumpkins and handing out candy to the few trick-or-treaters who braved the elements.

Never one to give up a photo op, and unable to sleep in very late the day after (thank you daylight savings), I forced Ru and Lola into their costumes (a shark and a butterfly, respectively) and dragged them into the backyard for photos. Rupert was really not having the whole dress up thing and kept dragging himself across the grass in a futile attempt to remove it. Fortunately, he is easily bribed with food and I manage to get them both to sit still just long enough for a few (non blurry) photos. Enjoy!

She really wasn’t a fan of the wings. She spent a good bit of the morning twirling in circles trying to bite them off. She has it rough.

This is the face of a desperately hungry pug.
This is the face of a desperately hungry pug.

Rupert the pug pugs

I love how the shark costume looks like its eating his little head…
Begging is his forte.

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