Five Things I Miss About Vermont

IMG_2600Vermont is a tiny little state, and when you grow up there it is easy to feel a bit like you’re flying under the radar. Whenever a Vermonter makes it on to the National scene, you can’t help but feel like a celebrity by association. Hell, even coming across a ‘Made in VT’ sticker in a Chicago store fills me with an indescribable amount of state pride (usually followed immediately by sticker shock). Suffice it to say, watching Bernie Sanders run for the democratic ticket has been a bit of a thrill. Seeing his campaign take off has not only made me so proud to be from such a liberal state, but it has also increased my homesickness ten fold. So in the interest of indulging my eighteen year old self, here is a list of the top five things I miss about my home state. (I’m sure my sister will use this against me in her ongoing attempts to lure me home).

The Politics
In terms of politics, Illinois and Vermont are pretty much night and day. It’s very telling, for instance, when you travel abroad and the one thing people consistently identify with your city is it’s history of organized crime (thank you, Al Capone). Vermonters (at least in Burlington, where I am from) are a delightfully liberal bunch. I always laugh when I hear people in Chicago talk about ‘farm-to-table’ and co-ops like they are these revolutionary new ideas. I mean, they might be in some places, but in Vermont ‘farm-to-table’ was just…dinner. Continue reading


Fall In Chicago

Is there anytime better than fall in Chicago? The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and out come the comfy sweaters. Even the food tastes better this time of year! (Though, I will say, as much as I can appreciate the gusto with which America has embraced the big, orange squash, give me apple cinnamon over pumpkin spice any day.)

Today was one of those perfect fall days. I worked from home, which of course means a mix of actual working, playing with the pugs, and catching up on laundry. Nothing like an empty hamper and crisp sheets, absent of dog hair, to make you feel extra productive.

It was overcast, and just chilly enough for a jacket and my favorite scarf. I was actually thankful for the grey sky because nothing makes the autumn colors on the trees pop more. See what I mean…

I’d scheduled a work meeting at a nearby coffee shop, and I was excited for the chance to go out and explore some more of my neighborhood. My husband and I just moved to the Portage Park area from the north east side of the city. This was a big move for me after living nearly all of my ten years in the same three mile radius. All of the sudden, my whole life moved from the Red Line to the Blue. Anyone who’s lived in Chicago knows that is no small deal, as the east/west public transit in this city isn’t exactly up to snuff. Continue reading