Halloween Birthday Pug!

Happy birthday to this little nugget!


Lola turned two on Halloween (an appropriate birthday for a pug who sounds like the living dead when she barks). The plan had been to take the pups to the dog park to show off the costumes we forced them to endure, but the weather did not cooperate. It poured all day and, prissy as they are, both Lola and Ru refused to leave the house for more than a few Continue reading

Five Things To Know About Owning Pugs

Rupert the pugThis is ​Rupert. For a pug, he’s a bit of a giant, weighing in at a whopping 35lbs. He’s incredibly tall and really the only thing about him that resembles his breed is his smushed little face. He is unbelievably sweet and affectionate one minute, and then the next he is running from window to window barking like a maniac (maybe the wind blew funny–who knows?).When he’s anxious, he gets this really intense expression on his face and he looks like a dinosaur from a Disney film. Despite his copious amount of extra skin, his eyes bug out of his head like there just isn’t enough flesh to contain them. It’s a wonder he can close his lids.

Lola is small, but you wouldn’t know it by the noises she makes. A soft pallette issue means she sounds less like a dog when she barks, and more like we’re living with a zombie from the Walking Dead. It’s endearing, except in the morning when she gurgles and whines from her crate for attention. She has the sweetest disposition toward everyone EXCEPT her brother. Poor Rupert has to endure endless teasing, face biting and toy stealing because, unfortunately for him, she’s much smarter and small enough to run where he can’t fit.

Neither of them are anything like what we expected when we’d decide to adopt pugs. Lazy. Sleepy. Quiet. These were all things we’d been told by countless books, blogs and fellow pug owners to expect. Lies.

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