Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 5


Your pug of the day. Rupert is clearly feeling the holiday cheer.
Your pug of the day. Rupert is clearly feeling the holiday cheer.

Here are a few things I came across this week I wanted to share. Hopefully they’ll fill your week with some inspiration and levity. Enjoy!

The most important quiz you’ll ever take: what does your favorite Pixar character say about you? 

This article on why a successful program to combat gun violence has gone underfunded and ignored.

Chicagoans: looking for that perfect gift for a fellow city dweller? The Reader has this awesome guide. 

Never miss a beautiful sunset again with this sunset forecaster.

These kids take their coat drive to the streets to help people in need.

Scientific proof of how loneliness impacts your health.

The best response to the Planned Parenthood tragedy. 

#Blacklivesmatter, not black friday: Protests in Chicago.

A Marine tweeted the perfect response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Something to keep in mind in this season of giving: it shouldn’t last just these two months.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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