The Many Trials of Rupert Giles – A Very Close Call For A Very Mischievous Little Pug

Rupert the Pug//Pug Life//List Maker Picture TakerThe past couple of weeks have been very tough on our little Rupert. Last week he’d been diagnosed with a parasite, which in and of itself was scary, but at least it was treatable. The poor guy was sick as could be and pretty unimpressed with us for replacing his yummy usual food with a crappy bland diet of boiled chicken and rice. We let the medication do it’s work to fight off what was ailing him and almost immediately he seemed to be on the mend. The vet gave us the OK to start switching him back to his usual food and he was a thrilled little puppy!  Continue reading


Friday Links & Loves | Vol. 12

Quimbys Chicago//Links & Loves//List Maker Picture TakerSo obviously the format of this post will look familiar – links and news I’ve found throughout the week that I think are worth sharing. Originally I wanted to make this a regular Sunday post, because for me Sundays are a day to just sort of relax and recharge my batteries after a long week, as well as checking out blogs I love to get some inspiration for the week to come. Continue reading

Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 9

Lola the pug//Sunday Links & Loves//List Maker Picture Taker
Your pug of the day. Lola is showing off her new winter coat (very stylish).

Inspired By

This brave comedian opens up
about her history of rape and abuse.
Teen smarter than many of the adults around her, distributes banned book.
The best response to awful, gross internet trolls.
They don’t call her the Queen of Soul for no reason!
Everyone sees things a little differently. Check out these beautiful photographs.  Continue reading