Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 7

pug pugcentric comic

My hubby, Eric, and I have been working on a series of one shots about our Pugs. See more of #Pugcentric here!

Here are a few things I came across that I wanted to share. Hopefully they’ll fill your week with some inspiration and levity. Enjoy! 

Christmas Things
It’s a very Christmas-y weekend! Yesterday, we had our annual Music Box Theater’s Christmas show. If you’re a Chicagoan, and you’ve never been, you should definitely make it a holiday tradition. Today, the hubby is taking me to see Home Alone, accompanied by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and I’m so excited! More details to come.

//Why are little kids in Japan so independent?
//What it’s like to survive a mass shooting.
//Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence 
//Secrets and Lies of the Chicago Police Department.
//On Being Muslim In NYC.

//Remember when I told you to watch Master of None? I just finished the Netflix series and, because of amazing episodes like this, it may be my new favorite show. Just saying.

Feeling Inspired 
//RBG and the fight to end gender discrimination. She is such a badass.
//Banksy is at it again.
//I wanna live in this house within a greenhouse. Genius!
//The Chicago Reader released their annual People issue and it’s inspiring, as always.

Feeling Old
//Facts about Friends that will make you feel like a senior citizen.

Nerding Out
//New Deadpool trailer being released on Christmas Day!
//Watch these women point out the absurdity of how they are portrayed in comic books.


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