Calendars & Planners to Keep You Organized in 2016

Every January, I have a ritual where I scour all of my favorite stationery stores and Etsy shops for two things: the perfect planner and a new calendar for above my desk. January is about fresh starts and for me, someone who loves making lists, there is something so satisfying about filling in the pages of a fresh new planner. I love the feeling of getting organized as I outline my goals and travel plans for the coming year. I do still use my Google Calendar as backup, but I like to jot down my lists and appointments for the week or month before transferring them to my phone.

In my search for a new planner and calendar I came across so many great options, so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds here.

2016 Wall Calendars
Wall Calendars 2016//List Maker Picture Taker

1. Rifle Paper Co. Appointment Calendar//$26
2. Paper Source Art Grid Calendar//24.95
3. Snow & Graham Write On Calendar//$27
4Rifle Paper Co. Alice and Wonderland Calendar//$26
5. Paper Source Foil Watercolor Calendar//$29.95
6. Target Sugar Paper Calendar//$9.99

2016 Planners 

Planners 2016//List Maker Picture Taker
1. Paper Source Foil Confetti Planner//$29.95
2. Ban.Do Classic Agenda//$20
3. Rifle Paper Co. Birch Floral Planner//$34
4. Kate Spade Black Stripe Agenda//$30
5. Sugar Paper Weekly/Monthly Planner//$12.99

How do you get yourself organized for the new year?



7 thoughts on “Calendars & Planners to Keep You Organized in 2016

  1. I have to make my own planner for work related everythings. I miss having a planner I can tug into my purse and reflect back on throughout the year. My
    Calendar is currently a “mom’s” calendar where I record what household chores to prioritize, Finn’s new food schedule, and our “To-Do” list for the finances. Planning out your travels sounds waaaaay better. I hope there are Vermont visits speckled in there ❤️


  2. So far I have been able to resist every Rifle Paper Co calendar I’ve seen… but it’s getting harder and harder! And of course our Sugar Planners are too cute 🙂



    1. I completely relate! I’m obsessed with the designs (so pretty) but the function has never really worked for me. I love how organized the Sugar Paper Planner is!


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