Looking Ahead: Ten Things to Remember in 2016

I do believe it is time for another adventure
In keeping with the spirit of the season, and making this the year of goals, here are a few things I want to try to keep in mind through the coming year. Continue reading


Calendars & Planners to Keep You Organized in 2016

Paper Source in Oak Park, IL. This awesome company has it's roots in the Windy City and is my go to for not only beautiful paper, but office supplies and fun gifts as well.

Every January, I have a ritual where I scour all of my favorite stationery stores and Etsy shops for two things: the perfect planner and a new calendar for above my desk. January is about fresh starts and for me, someone who loves making lists, there is something so satisfying about filling in the pages of a fresh new planner. Continue reading

30 Before Thirty

30 Before Thirty//List Maker Picture TakerOne benefit of having a birthday that coincides with the ending of one year and the start of another is the opportunity it presents for self-reflection. Resolutions are woven into the fabric of the season’s traditions, and I’m by no means immune.  Last year, I made the list below of things I want to do before my thirtieth birthday and I set to work crossing them off one by one.  Continue reading