Friday Links & Loves | Vol. 12

Quimbys Chicago//Links & Loves//List Maker Picture TakerSo obviously the format of this post will look familiar – links and news I’ve found throughout the week that I think are worth sharing. Originally I wanted to make this a regular Sunday post, because for me Sundays are a day to just sort of relax and recharge my batteries after a long week, as well as checking out blogs I love to get some inspiration for the week to come.

That said, the procrastinator in me has been leaving this little post until Saturday, which is my day to do all the things I couldn’t get it together to finish during the week. So, in an effort to relegate¬†any blog and work related bits to Monday through Friday, I thought this post format would be a good note to end the week on moving forward (and hopefully help me free up more weekend time for reading/picture taking/pug time). With that said, here are a few things I came across this week that I found interesting/funny/inspiring. Have a great weekend!

Pugs//Links & Loves//List Maker Picture Taker
Your pug pic of the day.

//Is anyone else obsessed with the tiny house trend? I have been for a while now. Unfortunately, the hubby is less than enthused, and so, for now, all I can do is admire them from afar. Check out this amazing home!

//Check out America’s favorites – state-by-state.

//Dead Certainty: How Making A Murderer Gets it Wrong.

//This article might send me into an existential crisis. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

//Disabled dog is given another chance. (Be prepared to cry all the tears).

//Flowers in space! Science is awesome.

//U.S. Presidents when they were young and hunky (arguably).

//The trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie is here!

//More news on how DC is scrambling to catch up to Marvel on the movie front. But I’m couldn’t be more thrilled that Wonder Woman is finally getting some big screen time!

//Undercover Boss meets The Dark Side in this hilarious SNL skit.

//Because we just can’t get enough of Adele, amiright?

//Sweet tooth: currently obsessed with Joy’s blog and her recipe for dark chocolate cream puffs. Going to have to make these soon.

What have you come across this week? Feel free to share below!


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