Happy Birthday, Rupert the Pug!

Happy Birthday Pug//Pugcentric//List Maker Picture TakerToday marks two years since Eric and I picked up this little guy from Tails of Hope animal shelter. Two years of trouble. Of overturned garbage cans, incessant barking, hilarious humping (Lola doesn’t find it as funny as we do), and more pug love than we know what to do with. Continue reading


30 Before Thirty

30 Before Thirty//List Maker Picture TakerOne benefit of having a birthday that coincides with the ending of one year and the start of another is the opportunity it presents for self-reflection. Resolutions are woven into the fabric of the season’s traditions, and I’m by no means immune.  Last year, I made the list below of things I want to do before my thirtieth birthday and I set to work crossing them off one by one.  Continue reading

Halloween Birthday Pug!

Happy birthday to this little nugget!


Lola turned two on Halloween (an appropriate birthday for a pug who sounds like the living dead when she barks). The plan had been to take the pups to the dog park to show off the costumes we forced them to endure, but the weather did not cooperate. It poured all day and, prissy as they are, both Lola and Ru refused to leave the house for more than a few Continue reading