30 Before Thirty

30 Before Thirty//List Maker Picture TakerOne benefit of having a birthday that coincides with the ending of one year and the start of another is the opportunity it presents for self-reflection. Resolutions are woven into the fabric of the season’s traditions, and I’m by no means immune.  Last year, I made the list below of things I want to do before my thirtieth birthday and I set to work crossing them off one by one. 

Twenty-eight was a great year.  It was the first full year of marriage for Eric and I, and all the fun and challenges that come with that. There were new jobs, pug faced family additions, trips to Vermont, and an amazing trip to Paris. There was also a lot of planning and looking a head, and there were times I struggled to live in the moment.

With a little less than a year left until my thirtieth birthday, I’m posting this list as a way to share my excitement for the coming year, and to hold myself accountable to let go of things that are out of my control/reach and to be as present in each moment of every day.

By December 4, 2016, I will…

  1. Start on a career path I’m excited about.
  2. Finish a knitting project I can be proud of.
  3. Marry someone who makes me laugh everyday.
  4. Start (or join) a book club.
  5. People watch from a cafe in Paris.
  6. Pay off all my (non-student loan) debt.
  7. Start a blog.
  8. Take a winter trip somewhere warm (New Orleans? Puerto Rico?)
  9. Cross all of the items off my Chicago Bucket List. (coming soon)
  10. Find the perfect bag to replace my dearly departed Italy bag (it’s been a long and frustrating search).
  11. Take a road (or train) trip to a brand new city.
  12. Run a 5k. Done! With one of my favorite people, in a thunderstorm, through the Lincoln Park Zoo! 

    30 Before Thirty//List Maker Picture Taker
    For my twenty-ninth birthday, I got to spend it surrounded by some of my favorite people and eating delicious cake courtesy of my awesome sister-in-law. #winningatlife
  13. Digital detox – have a regular weekend with no screens.
  14. Surprise someone in a big way.
  15. Spend a trip in Vermont exploring all my favorite childhood places (Rock Point, Lakeview Cemetery, Charlie’s Boathouse).
  16. Rediscover my love for photography.
  17. Conquer a fear.
  18. Start building a nest egg.
  19. Take a class for fun.
  20. Set the high score in Pac-Man.
  21. Read all the books on my reading list.
  22. Learn to make French macarons.
  23. Send more snail mail.
  24. Create a family tree.
  25. Get my driver’s license.
  26. Build a solid, fun support network.
  27. Ruthlessly edit my possessions down to only my favorite things.
  28. Buy myself something indulgent (and don’t feel guilty about it afterward).
  29. Perfect my recipe for pie crust.
  30. The possibilities are endless! What do you think I’m missing from this list?

7 thoughts on “30 Before Thirty

  1. I caution you in two areas: making lists, joining a book club. More on that later, but I have a few previous postings on both: “Making Lists from a Sick Bed” and “Why I Read.” The driver’s license item interest me.

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    1. Hey James, Thank you for the bit of wisdom! I’ve always found lists to be a comfort (it’s so satisfying to check off each thing as it comes) Though by no means do I let them keep me from exploring other things. I am curious to know more about your feelings on book clubs-I sense a story there… As for the drivers license, I moved to a big city as a teenager and I love to walk and take the train as much as I can, Getting a license would mostly be to give my husband some relief on longer road trips 😊

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