Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 9

Lola the pug//Sunday Links & Loves//List Maker Picture Taker
Your pug of the day. Lola is showing off her new winter coat (very stylish).

Inspired By

This brave comedian opens up
about her history of rape and abuse.
Teen smarter than many of the adults around her, distributes banned book.
The best response to awful, gross internet trolls.
They don’t call her the Queen of Soul for no reason!
Everyone sees things a little differently. Check out these beautiful photographs. 

Nerding Out To
Excited about Marvel’s Doctor Strange? Check out these awesome photos!
Have you read any of the best comics of 2015?
Check out this awesome piece my husband drew of Elvis and I! How cool is this?

Eric Jimenez Art//Wanna see yourself as a comic book character?//List Maker Picture Taker
Wanna see yourself as your favorite comic book character? Check out Eric Jimenez Art for awesome, one-of-a-kind commissions!

Puppy Bowl overshadowed by rampant Heartworm Pill abuse.
George Costanza theme bar! If only it were closer to home…

A Few Steps Forward…
Over the counter birth control?! Oregon is winning.
Check out this new Chrome app that helps women strike a balance between firm and wishy-washy.
The next female sexual revolution won’t come in a pill.

Come across any awesome links this week? Share in the comments! 


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