Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 8

Pugcentric // List Maker Picture Taker // Eric Jimenez Art
Your pug of the day! Another piece from mine and Eric’s #Pugcentric series.

Happy Holidays!
//Christmas Carol hotline: call this number 24/7 and a very real person will sing you a holiday song.
//Winning Christmas: the worlds biggest letter to Santa delivers a powerful message.
//Yes. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ IS that creepy.
/If Cormac McCarthy wrote Home Alone (this is epic). 

Weekly Warm Fuzzies
//Want to be inspired? Look at these beautiful paintings created by a man who is blind.
//This Chicago chef donated half of his Food Network winnings to his community.
//These kids know the true meaning of the season. (Ugly crying over here.)
//Proof that your pup will love you no matter how much money you have or don’t have.

For Laughs
//A better, more spot-on, synopsis of flying there never was.
//When bad lip synching meets Stars Wars,  hilarity ensues.

Mind Blown
//This baby was born pregnant with her own twins. (Who knew this was even possible?)
//These are some bad a** women.

Election 2016
//According to campaign donors, here are the most liberal and conservative cities in the U.S. (no surprises here)
//The root of Trump’s rise to power. 
//Democracy for American says #feelthebern!


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