My Top Five Favorite Elvis’ Songs

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I can’t quite remember when it was that I first heard an Elvis Presley song, but in my mind my love of that general era of music is inextricably linked and intertwined with memories of my father. I remember he used to sit in our kitchen and listen to the ‘oldies’ station as he’d nod his head and croon along, loud and off-key. Continue reading

Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 9

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Your pug of the day. Lola is showing off her new winter coat (very stylish).

Inspired By

This brave comedian opens up
about her history of rape and abuse.
Teen smarter than many of the adults around her, distributes banned book.
The best response to awful, gross internet trolls.
They don’t call her the Queen of Soul for no reason!
Everyone sees things a little differently. Check out these beautiful photographs.  Continue reading