Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 10

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//Feminist allies in the comic book world can be a rare thing, but it’s great to see them nonetheless.
//Paris is going car free once a month. I would love to see more big cities do this! Continue reading


Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 9

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Your pug of the day. Lola is showing off her new winter coat (very stylish).

Inspired By

This brave comedian opens up
about her history of rape and abuse.
Teen smarter than many of the adults around her, distributes banned book.
The best response to awful, gross internet trolls.
They don’t call her the Queen of Soul for no reason!
Everyone sees things a little differently. Check out these beautiful photographs.  Continue reading

Sunday Links & Loves | Vol. 9

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End of the year lists are the best!
//15 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Finances) Before the End of 2015
//Apartment Therapy’s Best Posts of 2015
//2015 was a good year for TV, and movies.
//The Best Movie Pairs of 2015. Continue reading

Sunday Loves & Links | Vol. 8

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Your pug of the day! Another piece from mine and Eric’s #Pugcentric series.

Happy Holidays!
//Christmas Carol hotline: call this number 24/7 and a very real person will sing you a holiday song.
//Winning Christmas: the worlds biggest letter to Santa delivers a powerful message.
//Yes. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ IS that creepy.
/If Cormac McCarthy wrote Home Alone (this is epic).  Continue reading